Meet Laura aka “Roo”

“I’ve tried for over 30 years to lose the baby fat—yes, the weight I gained when I “birthed” my girls. I tried all of the popular diets; I weighed in at Weight Watchers and joined gym after gym. I’d have a little bit of success, but as soon as I stopped my diet or hurt myself in the gym, the weight reappeared and then some. It was depressing.

My gym experience was the worst. I would go through the orientation, get my little progress card and then go from machine to machine to “work out.” I really felt intimidated by most of them. It was impossible to know if I had them on the right settings or if I had the mechanics down correctly. Most of the time, I’d end up pulling something or hurting myself. It was a drudge and I hated the same old boring routine. It wasn’t fun, and I felt pretty isolated.

Birthdays only added to the problem. It seemed like every time I had a “0” birthday, I gained another 10 pounds. I knew that I had to do something because I refused to go up another dress size. And, I was concerned about my health when the doctor said I needed to lose weight to stay healthy. Pooh!

My mother passed away in her early 70’s. She lived a very sedentary lifestyle and I know that contributed to her poor health. My mother-in-law is 89. One day I asked her what her secret to longevity was and she told me, “Honey, just keep moving!” My grandmother lived into her 90’s and she walked 3 miles a day at Camp Mabry. There was a correlation. I knew I had to do something now that I had turned “double nickel!” But what???

Katy’s love of fitness became contagious. She encouraged me to start slow, to build my core, to work on strength and agility. She invited me to a ladies’ “boot camp” in Reed Park with a few of my friends. We did a “benchmark” workout. I couldn’t even do a sit-up or get up off the ground without help. She also suggested that I personal train with Jarrod, her partner. Wow! What fun we have had. The community and camaraderie is fantastic. Not only have I built my body, but I’ve built some new friendships.

I feel like a million dollars. I’ve lost 15 pounds and two dress sizes. Yep! I had to buy new clothes, but this time, I was SMILING in the dressing room. I’ve had a blast, made some super new friends and feel like I CAN reach my weight and health goals.

The workouts are never the same and they are always challenging, but they are always fun. We laugh, we run, we stretch and we enjoy the hour that passes so quickly.  I look forward to my classes with Katy and my personal training with Jarrod. The combination of the two has been the BEST! This time is ME time, and it is the best time I spend.


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