What MOVES Me: Coach Katy

Can you forsake balance in your own life to create balance in others? Can you sacrifice your own health to make others healthy? Can the idea of MOVE be so powerful it keeps you going? What does it look like to be fit versus embody a fit lifestyle? Is there balance? Is there sacrifice? Is there a morphed perception of what that means? Once you understand the process do you understand yourself better or others better? Why do athletes sacrifice health for performance? Why do bodybuilders or anyone for that matter, sacrifice health for body image? What is beauty? What is strength? What is loving yourself? Have we created a culture of self-love or are we a culture who desperately seeks it, but finds ourselves lost? Can things or people or achievements give self-love or just a temporary taste of it? At what point do you understand satiety, happiness, and balance? What comprises that aaah feeling of contentment? What enables you to let go? 

These are the kinds of questions I am constantly asking myself. I am a seeker, a learner and a dreamer. I am fascinated by self-discovery and understanding why people do what they do and what stops them from acting, achieving, and succeeding. I love learning about different cultures, religions and history. I constantly seek to explore my own spirituality and my place in this world. What am I meant to accomplish? What am I meant to achieve? How should I spend my time? With whom should I spend my time? Who am I meant to love? What is my purpose? What will make me happy? What is happiness?

I think we all struggle with identity or purpose as we try to figure out who and what we are in this world. Eckert Tolle says it isn’t until we let go of our need to create identity that we truly become who we are meant to be. The more I have searched to find myself, the more I have attached myself to people or things. Our culture thrives on this idea of what you do in order to define who we are. We buy things and join clubs and wear logos to form our identity.

After spending a year of soul searching in Dallas after college, I moved back to Austin. I wasn’t happy. I was searching for it, but had no idea how to get it. I moved back to Austin because I thought that would make me happy. I worked in our family business and enjoyed it, but something was missing. I wanted to be passionate about my life. I wanted to get up every single day and feel like I was making a difference. I told myself I wanted something that I could eat, sleep, breathe and still not get sick of doing. Something I could write a blog about every single day and still get excited about. I wanted to travel the world and write about it, but unfortunately no one is hiring a freelance travel writer with no experience. 😉

I decided it was time to stop dreaming and get after what it was I wanted so badly; happiness, fulfillment, and purpose.  So what did I do? I worked out. Sports and fitness have always made me feel the happiest and most accomplished. I know I am on the right path when I am working out and taking care of my body. I started focusing on bettering myself first. I learned I needed to break down walls and blow past my own set limitations. Olympic weightlifting taught me that it would take a lifetime of practice to achieve a few seconds of work. I had to be confident to lift that bar. I had to approach it with tenacity and all out effort. It brought emotion back to my life and a passion to achieve and succeed. Some days it broke me down and I left in tears, and some days my practice paid off and I surprised myself with my strength.

Crossfit taught me to push every day even when I didn’t think I could finish. It taught me to lift a bar I thought was too heavy. It taught me not only to take action but to take it aggressively without fear. It taught me what failure was and the importance of getting back up, brushing myself off and trying again. Sometimes you have to reach deep inside yourself to understand what is keeping you from taking it to the next level. Why adding two and a half pounds could be crippling. It was teaching me more than how to lift a barbell or finish a hard workout, it was teaching me about life.

I now truly believe once you get your mind right and your body right, you can get your life right. You start to see yourself differently and you start loving who you are and what you can achieve. You don’t wait for life to give you a sign, you create your own opportunities. Once you realize you are the only thing stopping you, you don’t let it stop you anymore. You go, you do, you achieve and you get what you want. Most people just don’t know what they want. I don’t think you have to know in order to start creating your happy. You just start doing things that make you happy and happiness follows. It’s such a simple concept, but it requires letting go of fear and negativity and choosing to be happy. Choosing to be satisfied and choosing to accept yourself and your life.

I know sometimes I sound like more of a life coach, but really, I’m just saying what I tell myself. What gets me through tough times, and what opened up my door towards a positive mindset and a happy life. I went from not being happy, and not feeling like I fit in anywhere, to happier than I’ve ever been. It started when I decided to turn my focus inward and stop sabotaging myself. I got healthy. I stopped doing things that took away from what I wanted. I got up early, really early, like 5am workout early. I ate healthy. I stopped comparing myself to what everyone else was doing. I said yes to making new friends from my CrossFit class and started surrounding myself with positive, healthy people. I stopped having excuses. I fell in love with the right guy. The guy that pushed me to be better, think better, act better. My life became centered on the right things and I was uncontrollably happy!

My best friends, my husband and my profession are all built upon the day I walked into Westlake Crossfit and decided to focus on bettering myself.  I actually made a New Year’s resolution to take everything toxic out of my life; from people, to staying up late, to being hungover, to eating bad food, to being lazy, to not achieving anything and just going through the motions. Instead, I lost myself in my dreams and what I wanted until they became my reality.

I started MOVE with my husband, Jarrod, because I don’t ever want to stand still again. I want to proudly move forward each day, knowing I am in control of my life. It’s not a circumstance, it’s a feeling I choose and it starts each day entirely with me. The best part? It’s always evolving and changing. Happy is ongoing and it takes learning and growing to continually achieve it. I can’t stay still. So I continue to ask myself these tough questions and move forward. What’s next for me? For us? The answer? Anything we want, and that’s the most awesome part of it all!