Transition Week: Monday

MOVE Programming

At MOVE our goal for each individual, whether they are a super parent, socialite or competitive athlete, is to progress them safely through our functional fitness program.

Our program consists of 3 different mesocycles (Strength, Work Capacity, and Stamina), which are  proven to help you MOVE the way you were meant to.  We recommend 3x/week to maximize your movement potential, however you can make great strides with 2x/week.


Is a 3 week cycle focused strictly on getting stronger at the foundational movements (Press, Push Press, Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Box Squats, Hip Thrusts, and Pull-ups) which makes your everyday tasks simpler.  There will be a small amount of high intensity work within this cycle. Mobility always ☺

Work Capacity

Is a 3 week cycle focused on improving your anaerobic threshold, aka, high intensity training. Very mentally challenging but rewarding. This is the cycle most members see their biggest improvements. There will be small amounts of strength in this cycle to maintain what you have gained in the previous strength cycle. Mobility always ☺


Is a 2 week cycle focused on nonstop MOVE-ing for the duration of the hour you are in class. You should be able to hold a conversation throughout the workout. If you cannot hold a conversation you are going too hard. Pull it back. Mobility Always ☺


Transition Week is a 1 week “break” between each of the cycles. We use our transition weeks  to test or retest movements depending on our focus within a given cycle. Within the transition week we also give more emphasis on mobility and recovery.

Today’s workout is as follows:


3 Rounds

100m run

10x MedBall Sprawl to press

10x Supine Hip thrusts

10x Tuck Jumps


5 rounds

10x Right/Left Single Leg Hip Thrusts

10x Hanging K2E

Work Capacity:

16min EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Even minutes

5 Renegade Rows

Odd minutes

15 KB swings


3 Rounds

15x Lateral db shoulder rotations 10#

20s ring chest stretch

5Right/Left Adductor stretch