Fitness as it relates to a healthy relationship


The more time I spend in the fitness profession, the more I realize that fitness is much more like a relationship than an activity or hobby. We have our ups and downs. Most days, I love it; at times, I question it. I also spend time thinking about the next step with fitness. Just like in relationships, I want to be always growing, always learning, always applying.


The most important relationship in my life, my marriage, has taught me invaluable lessons that can be applied to many facets of my life, including fitness. I have learned about communication, listening, presence, and intention. I have learned the importance of making time to connect. I now accept the fact that we are always changing and evolving.


As I continue to develop these principles in marriage, I am keenly aware of these principles as they relate to fitness. When I evaluate my fitness through the lens of a relationship, I see how I have been neglecting it. Specifically, I have been neglecting to listen to my body.


Most of us take for granted the great gift of a functioning, breathing, healthy body. Without a second thought, we will run without properly warming up or cooling down. We add more weight to the barbell than our body can handle. We don’t hear that our body is ready to lift more weight than before. We continue to perform a movement that is causing us pain because we are prideful. We stop listening to the obvious cues our body is giving us.


It’s important to slow down and listen in our relationships. It’s important to slow down and listen to our bodies. When we rush our friends, our significant other, or our family to get out the door, it never ends well! So, why do we rush proper MOVEment? Rushing set us up for poor performance at best, and an injury at the worst. If we listen, we can hear our bodies tell us that they need rest, or maybe that they are ready for more. We won’t know unless we listen.


Our bodies and our fitness are evolving daily. Take time to listen so you can foster a healthy relationship and enjoy the journey that is proper MOVEment.