The 5 Secrets to Long Lasting Health and Weight Loss

  1. Have a MOVE accountability partner. Find  someone who looks at fitness the way you do and declare them your swolemate!! Although Jarrod is my swolemate for life and we love living a healthy, active lifestyle together, I have found that having a girlfriend as an accountability partner is a much better option than my spouse. Mostly because he would rather I stay in bed snuggling than get up to workout!! haha So my MOVE swolemate is Emily Winkler and she is THE BEST! She makes sure I get up for my 5:15am MOVE class 3x/week because I know that not only will I be letting myself down if I don’t show up, but I will be letting her down and that’s the worst! She pushes me in class, is someone I can talk to and laugh with during sets and makes workouts FUN! We text each other throughout the day about our awesome workout, how sore we are, what we are eating or making for dinner, and hold each other accountable to go to bed early. We even spend time outside of MOVE walking our dogs together, hosting fun healthy couple dinners together and enjoying all things MOVE together in and outside of the gym.
  2. Be realistic and consistent. The “all or nothing Katy” is SO 2014. In my maturity ;), I have now realized just how important it is to have realistic expectations of what my body can do and what I should be doing with it. Long gone are my days of pushing my body to the absolute max and thinking I can still be a functioning human being the rest of the day. I know that I can workout strong three times a week at MOVE, have three low intensity days of walking/rowing/running/airdyne/cycling and one rest day a week and be able to consistently do it week after week. Although I love olympic lifting, going crazy on a spin bike, CrossFit competitions, and pushing myself way past my comfort zone, I have found that I cannot do it consistently and feel good. I am much more successful when I pick a realistic system and stick to it. Thankfully, we have designed our MOVE workouts to be all encompassing. There is a reason we cycle through strength, work capacity and stamina with set weeks for transitional recovery. Everyone has a different tolerance, but it is important that you find out what your “realistic and consistent” workout schedule is and then DO IT! There is no excuse for a missed workout. Check Facebook for the workout of the day and get it done, even if it’s modified!
  3. Eat healthy. UGH, I know. This is really hard for most people. Trust me, it is REALLY hard for me. For starters, I hate to cook. Actually, I love to be Jarrod’s sous chef, but cooking in our house with our timeline can get stressful since we are always on the go! So instead of dreading every minute of spending my sundays prepping meals for the week, I have hired an affordable friend (Rudy Gutierrez with ChefG) who cooks delicious meals for me seven days a week! WOW what a stress relief this has been and what a difference it has made in how I feel, how I recover from workouts, my sleep and overall body composition. It’s amazing what not going out to eat every night does for your physique and well being :). I now have four prepared meals a day and two snacks. It’s my perfect fuel. It also helps me not crave Lee’s Meat Market’s rolls, pizza or cupcakes. Yes, those are my three favorite things in life. I am definitely an emotional eater and a social eater so when I don’t have healthy food prepared I turn towards comfort foods and eating out. Talk to one of your coaches and we can help you figure out what fuel your body needs. We are even starting our Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge Feb. 23rd and it’s packed with awesome information and tricks to stay healthy for life!
  4. Say sayonara to stress! Stress comes in many forms. Personally, a lot of my stress came from over training and taxing my body beyond what it could recover from. Also, not fueling my body properly, which broke down my digestive capabilities and increased the fat producing hormone, cortisol. Stress from the amazing 20’s of “who am I and how can I best serve the world.” Newly married happy stress :). The stress that comes with being a contracted fitness model who ate too much pizza. And lastly, the stress of running both a fitness and real estate business. Whew. That stressed me out just typing it! Plus, my personality is very type A and emotional. So what did I do? I toned back my high intensity training, incorporated yoga, increased my sleep, took off some of the ridiculous amount of pressure I put on myself and meditated! Honestly, meditation was the most life changing. My yoga instructor, Shelby Autrey, the owner of Bfree Yoga, used to say if you can’t sit still with yourself for 10 minutes, how can you expect anyone else to? Amen to that. Download the app Headspace and start breathing your way to a healthier, happier life. I swear it has changed my core being. I’m WAY more zen people, you’re welcome.
  5. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Do you know your ideal hours of sleep per night? I have found that I need 7-8 hours. No more and no less. This is when your mind and body is recovering and recharging. So in order to workout at 5:15am, I am usually in bed between 8-9pm. I know, my evening social life is very non existent, but it is beyond worth it in how I feel throughout the day! Make time to turn off technology, get your body into a relaxing epsom salt bath, clock out 10 minutes of Headspace meditation and you are well on your way to some amazing sleep bliss. I also found that when I drink alcohol (even a glass), or have any sugar before bed, my sleep is not as good. Even as little sugar as an apple makes me restless or harder for me to fall asleep. Try to keep sugar and alcohol to a minimum…but that’s another blog altogether!

    Okay, MOVERS, thats it. It’s not rocket science to achieve the health and body composition you’ve always wanted. You may need to change a few of your habits, but start small. Tackle one of the five things on this list and then move on to the next one. Number 1 is the easiest, so I would suggest you start there :). MOVE is an amazing community of like-minded people, utilize them to help you reach your goals! Then set your MOVE schedule and come to class. Eat healthy during the day when you have control of your meals and don’t worry about the occasional night out and dinner with friends. Meditate and focus on staying calm and stress-free. Then soak it all in with adequate sleep. I love you, MOVERS. Stay strong and let’s make 2015 our best year yet!