Prepare for Battle and Love it! By Coach Jillian

IMG_1055If you’ve been to MOVE lately, hopefully you have had the opportunity to use our current piece of “fun,” new equipment…drum roll…the BATTLE ROPES!  Aside from the pretty colors, there are so many reasons why we love the ropes and how then can benefit you!

1.  Increased muscular endurance:  One of our goals at MOVE is to build your capacity for work. The ropes will help you increase muscular endurance, so you can work at higher intensities.

2.  Low impact: Using the ropes is a great way to get your heart rate up, without running or jumping.

3.  Grip Strength: Did you notice a nice little forearm pump?  Improving your grip strength will make you a more efficient MOVER. Ideally your grip will be light (less tension) while using the ropes, but just hanging on for that long will help improve your grip.

4.  Full body workout: There are so many variations of rope exercises- get ready to work your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and core without even realizing it.

5.  Smiles:  Playtime or hard work? You tell me!

By Coach Jillian Penque