For all you MOVEr parents out there…

I commend you!

dad's working out

These dads are benchin’!

With this post being sandwiched between Mother’s and Father’s day, I thought I’d show my appreciation to all you parents by commending you on your efforts to make MOVEing a priority in this season of life that is parenthood.  While everyone’s parenthood stages vary in years, I completely understand that the emotional, physical, and time-consuming burden of parenting is still a daily grind!  With two young boys and another on the way any day, I’m fully aware of the struggle it can be to have the motivation or to make the time to move.   I know that some of you are motivated by the reality that your workout is an “escape” from the house.  Others may devote every ounce of energy to their family and leave little time for themselves.  Regardless of which category you fall into, just know that I’m fully aware of all your commitment to keep MOVEing, and I couldn’t be more proud of our mom’s and dad’s in the MOVE community.  Keep it up, and here’s to the Joy of BOTH parenting and MOVEing!

Photo Cred: Melissa Glynn Photography

Photo Cred: Melissa Glynn Photography