Travel & Fitness = FUN!

Summertime!!! Who doesn’t love to go on holiday? Get away from your daily routine and really relax? And with each travel experience you experience new cultures; this means trying new foods, sleeping a bit more, and leaving your fitness routines at home! I’ll admit I love going somewhere new, but I don’t like how my body feels when I return home, for at times I throw all of my good habits out of the window!

Here are a few tips that will help make your travel experiences suit your active lifestyle and lack of travel willpower!

Coach Erin getting in a 20 minute circuit training workout!

Coach Erin getting in a 20 minute circuit training workout!

Plan to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and eat right the week before your trip: Consciously make an effort to stay hydrated the week before and during your trip! And no one wants to be stopped up and have traveler’s constipation, so avoid foods that cause you to be in “slow motion” when you can.

Plan to stick to your workout routine the week before you travel and stand tall: Treat your workouts as you would any other meeting or appointment. Make your big travel day(s) an active rest day; you earned it from working out all week! If you are flying, stand/walk as much as possible at the airport and on the plane, so much that the flight attendants become annoyed at you. If you are driving, try to stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs and walk around a bit.

Plan travel snacks for the road or plane: On a road trip, I am automatically programmed (as soon as we hit the interstate) to expect a Dairy Queen Blizzard (extra Butterfinger please) or Sonic tator tots down the road. They don’t call DQ “The Texas Stop Sign” for nothing, even though DQ opened in Illinois. Think about your travel time and how many snacks you’ll actually need to be kind and patient with your travel partners. If the flight attendant offers you some packaged junk, smack it out of his hand and get back to your movie marathon. Some easy and nutritious recommendations are:

1. Apple with almonds or almond butter (Justin’s makes individual packs)

2. Dry protein powder or protein bar (Epic or Quest bars)

3. Pre-chopped veggie sticks with hummus

4. Make sure you have a large refillable water bottle!

5. Later you can treat yourself to roadkill – Blizzard here I come!

Plan to splurge where it counts: If you buy a danish at every bakery you come across, your hard work at MOVE goes out the window. From our last trip, if I knew ahead of time that we’d visit a historical pub for killer cider and chips, I tried to make smart decisions during the day. Try to stick to your healthy eating plan as much as possible, and spurge on the good stuff!

Mike and Coach Erin are happy to get away from the  family for a morning run.

Mike and Coach Erin are happy to get away from the family for a morning run.

Plan a quality workout at least every 3 days: Walking a lot on your holiday is a great way to keep the pounds at bay, but you’ll want to get in a few heart-pumping sessions depending on the length of your trip. Here are a few workouts that can be done indoors or outdoors, and require only a park bench/chair and 20-30 minutes!

A. 4-5 Rounds: Run around the block (or 3 minutes of cardio); 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 jump squats, 10 hollow-rocks, 10 walk-outs

B. 1 minute of cardio – jumping jacks, jogging, or running in place; 5 Tabatas (20 sec. on/10 sec. rest x8 rounds): sit-ups, jump lunges, push-ups, wall-sits, tricep dips; 1 minute of cardio

C. 10-1 (10, 9, 8,…1 rep): start with a 2 minute hard run; burpees, sit-ups, lateral lunges; finish with a 2 minute hard run

Coach Jill is so excited she got in a quality workout while on holiday!

Coach Jill is so excited she got in a quality workout while on holiday!

Plan to try a new class or new route: Ask around! Many hotels now offer classes or running routes, and it’s always fun to drop into a new studio before your morning coffee. Sign up for active excursions so you can see new things at the same time. Don’t be afraid to look like a weirdo for those who are staring at you are just jealous. Take it outdoors and run around the city (great way to explore), or feel free to hide behind a tree to workout with the local bootcamp class in the park. Just kidding!

Plan with a friend or travel buddy to keep you accountable: Coach Jill (also my baby sista) was my #1 motivation for getting out the door for a holiday workout. My husband Mike (and fellow MOVEr) could have slept until noon, but the poor guy was a trooper when it was go time and would end up beating our workout times! Are you traveling with other fitness-minded people? Can your kids complete some of your workout routines with you or watch you suffer with greatness? Can you invite your family to try an active excursion? Commit to making healthy choices and MOVEing daily, but forgive yourself if things come up! Reward yourself at the end of the trip for sticking with your commitment; something not food related!  MOVE always wants to see your travel photos/videos of you being active!

Plan to help prepare healthy meals: Are you visiting family or friends who only eat Frito Pie and canned pineapple salad with mayo? Offer to make a side dish with each meal, or visit the local grocery store to purchase healthy food for your stay. But don’t stick your nose up in the air at that Frito Pie! Inspire others through example yet be polite and try what is presented to you. Nobody likes a health-nut-know-it-all.

Plan to jump back into your healthy habits when you get home: Put your health as a priority and get back into greatness!

Life is adventure — #MOVE it to live it!