Welcome Coach Jason to MOVE!

By Coach Jason Magee

Hello MOVERS!! Coach Jason here and I am beyond excited at being given the opportunity to be here as a coach. Over the past couple months I have gotten acquainted with most of you and I am pumped to be joining the crew here. You all ROCK!!

Coach Jason stingin' like a bee!

Coach Jason stingin’ like a bee!

I am a Texas native that grew up in Fort Worth. During my junior high and high school years I was active in football, basketball and track. I got into lifting weights young, because it helped me in my sports I played. I had dreams I would be a pro football player or basketball player, like most boys do, but we soon realize that isn’t going to happen. That’s where other avenues of interest came up for me. After high school I wanted to be an actor, so I decided to go for it and all the while my activity level decreased. Then came one of my first jobs in acting, an industrial film for Radio Shack. Like those corporate work videos you watch when you’re new at work. I was watching a playback and was wondering who the big guy was with the same shirt has me. “Dude, that’s you,” the camera guy said laughing. “Me?” I thought. I’m not that big. I mean the camera adds 10 pounds, but I looked BIG. What happened? I’ve always been “naturally” in shape. Seriously, what’s the problem here? The problem was no commitment to diet, exercise and overall wellness.

Coach Jason's days of acting and modeling! This ad was on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd!

Coach Jason’s days of acting and modeling! This ad was on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd!

Not being in school anymore, the extra curricular activity wasn’t as easily available. There wasn’t football anymore, basketball had wrecked my knee, so I needed a new competitive activity, I wanted working out to be fun, something I enjoyed doing. That’s when I decided to take up boxing. When I started boxing I was a 190 pounder, not three months later, I was a flying like a butterfly, stinging like a bee 160 pounder. It felt great, I had visible abs and could breathe with ease. I even had a go in a couple tournaments as a welterweight (that’s 147 pounds), granted those tournaments taught me that I didn’t want to be a pro boxer, but that I did always want to be healthy and active from then on. That’s also when I got the itch to help people be active and healthy. I started helping my then boxing coach. I would put workouts together for the amateur team, hold mitts, help with healthy weight cuts and just talk general health with the guys. I loved it.

MOVEr Victoria & Coach Jason

Lovebirds! MOVEr Victoria & Coach Jason

While I didn’t initially pursue training people (I mean I was gonna be a star of the screen!), my wellness always was at the forefront of what I did.  I am always looking to keep my self moving, be it working out, jiu jitsu, or just walking with my beautiful wife (and MOVEr!), Victoria, and our two dogs, Tito and Rocky.  After years of pursuing the acting career in LA, the desire to help others with health and fitness kept tugging at me. I would teach people boxing and train them while I worked out at the beach and really started to dig it. I realized I wanted to share my eagerness of well being with others, which brought me to MOVE!!! Since I moved back to Texas, I decided to dive into coaching and proudly here I am after completing my NSCA training certification! I am very excited to share my enthusiasm of health and fitness with everyone in the MOVE community. I look forward to getting to know everyone and help you reach your goals!