MOVERS in the Community: Andra Liemandt & Jenny Mason

We love seeing our MOVERS kill it in and outside the gym. This month we are blown away by our very own Andra Liemandt & Jenny Mason as they have helped put together and incredible event for an incredible cause.the-mrs-andral-1024x673

Their band, The Mrs., will be releasing their newest single, The Beast, on October 16th. The song emulates embracing your true self and sharing that with the rest of the world. We can’t wait to sing along!

mrs-studio-live-3-3-739x1024The Mrs. will be hosting a release party that will be benefitting The Kindness Campaign, founded by Andra! See the details below to join them for the event and give back to our Austin community in rockstar style. 

Keep inspiring Andra & Jenny! We are so proud of y’all!