New Year Nutritional Challenge

The Holidays are filled with joy, family, lots of yummy food and unfortunately some stress.  This combination: all that food and the stress of having family in town, giving gifts and preparing meals for everyone puts a large load on the body.  De-stressing and getting your nutrition back on track right after you take the Christmas tree to the curb is essential to prevent that unwanted weight gain and/or lag in energy.

Many take to doing crash diets or “New Year Cleanses” they see on a cover of a magazine with a celebrity.  Social media blows up with ads about getting the 6 pack of your life or some other silly gimmick to get you to purchase their program.  Most of these lead to you falling right back into your old habits within a few weeks because they are so restrictive or you have just lost the drive to stick with it because you feel as its not working.  This is very true for most people and this is due to all the conflicting information that is out in the world surrounding nutrition.  Everyone promotes what they have been told or what has worked for them or someone they know.

The truth is nutrition is so individualized and sometimes it’s not just what you are putting in your mouth.  If you don’t manage your stress in your day to day you will always be treading water when it comes battling that unwanted weight or living a healthy lifestyle.  Over the years I have worked with many people from all walks of life and all ages; the majority of these people are just like you, exercise regularly but have been riddled with misinformation of what is good for them, and lead very stressful lifestyles.  Let me show you how to reverse this cycle and get on the right track.

This program is designed to educate you about how to manage stress and develop healthy eating habits you can sustain year-round.  Notice I said manage stress first. That must mean it’s more important than just telling what to eat.  Over the past year I have received my Precision Nutrition Level 2 and attended multiple seminars in search to learn more and provide you all with the best service possible.  In these efforts I have learned so much about the effects of stress and more importantly, how to manage it.  I had to instill these practices in myself before ever trying to help others and I have found many different strategies on how to live a busy lifestyle and still reduce my stress.  I have combined the principles of previous challenges and added the stress management tips and tools to help you all receive the best results possible.  This challenge will give you strategies and tips to help manage your lifestyle better to allow your body to use that fuel you put in it to good use.  When you combine the two together:  Less stress with a clean diet, your body will fight off allergies, sleep better, burn fat efficiently and have the brain power to take on the world!  The intent is to get you on the right path and keep you from “falling off the wagon” once the Challenge is over to maintain your results by making better choices.

As with anything, you will get out of it what you put into it. Changing Habits is no easy task, but in the end you will not only see yourself differently, but have the tools to be successful in every situation.  The best part is that you will not be alone in this.  You will have the guidance and support from myself and your peers that are on the same journey to health.  Social support is key to success in almost anything and this is no different.  Gather some friends, gym buddies and/ or family and get on the right track for 2017!