Coach Rachel’s Top 5 Travel Tips

Whether you are an enthusiastic jetsetter or dreading your next flight, Coach Rachel has some tips on how to stay MOVING on the go:


A little trick I learned from trial and error. Hydrating while flying is usually a pain in the glutes given the serving sizes of the complimentary beverage cups (what is it… like 3 sips worth?) Most flight attendants will fill up a large water bottle for you when they come by with the drink cart. (My favorites are 1.  25oz Swell bottles and 2. Healthy Human Stein Bottles) This way you have a decent amount of water on hand throughout the duration of your flight. ** Pro tip: Set a hydration goal. Shorter trip? Shoot to finish 1 bottle. Longer flight? Aim for 2.


No need to fly first class to get some luxury treatment mid-flight. If you’re anything like me your muscles might have a tendency to cramp up from squeezing into those tight aisles. Bring a lacrosse ball in your carry on bag. When back muscles or hammies start to ache or cramp, pull out the ball and apply pressure with your body weight. Move back and forth to massage the ball into the tight muscle. You’ll feel them relax in a minute


Nothing wreaks havoc on your body more than a  heavy single shoulder tote bag or messenger. The unevenly displaced weight causes you to compensate the natural alignment of your body. Unless you’re begging for some neck or back pain, you will want to maintain proper alignment from your head to your toes. A back pack will evenly distribute the weight, correcting your posture and giving your neck and back a nice little well deserved break. 


Unfortunately I always seem to find myself sprinting to my connecting flights when I travel, so rarely I’m able to practice this one. During layovers and flight delays take advantage of the time to MOVE. You’ve been sitting for prolonged periods of time and our bodies are programmed best when they move every couple hours. Walk down the hallways of the terminal to get some steps in, get in a couple rounds of your favorite mobility exercises, or even sneak in a small yoga sequence in between flights.

**Pro Tip: Did you know some airports even have yoga studios in select terminals?! Find out if theres one near your connecting gate) 


When sticking to a healthy nutritional lifestyle, navigating the airport for smart meal and snack options can feel a little tricky in the overwhelming cluster of fast food chains. Try packing your own. As long as your snacks are not in liquid form you will pass through security just fine. Sliced fruit and veggies in baggies are great for snacking mid-flight. Prioritize protein prior to arriving to the airport and before landing for your connecting flight. Protein aids in appetite satiation. Putting emphasis on protein before we have to walk past the McDonalds, Cinnabons, and KFCs will help keep the hunger and cravings at bay.

In short, simply prioritizing movement,  staying hydrated, and making smart nutrition choices will keep you on track when you’re on the go! 

Got travel tips of your own? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below.