Coach Jarrod Thanks you: Random Acts of Kindness Fundraising

As most of you know, we finished our fundraising for Explore Austin a couple weeks ago and wow, I was blown away by all of your support and contributions! The campaign was based around Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), aka, the “spread the love” campaign.  We, as mentors at Explore Austin, were tasked with performing up to 30 RAK’s throughout the month in hopes people will pay it forward. By paying it forward, we were simultaneously raising money for the kids of Explore Austin and creating an overall better world to live in. A total win/win :). When it was all said and done, our MOVE community raised over $6,000!!!! I am completely blown away at our community’s generosity! Below is a video where you may or may not see me dance with gratitude!

Some of you expressed an interest in what my RAK’s were so I thought I would share them below: 

  • Emailed a woman I had met at a doctor’s appointment. She was listening to a fitness podcast and was struggling with consistency. I reached out to her to let her know I was available for any guidance or questions she may have. (1)
  • Took 4 of my neighbors trash cans in. (4)
  • handed change to a woman in need. (1)
  • Bought books for the Life of Meaning course the coaches and I attended. (8)
  • Paid the ferry fee in California from Newport Beach to Balboa Island for 6 people. (6)
  • Bought Starbucks for 2 students in front of me in line. (2)
  • Let 3 different people pass in front me in line at the airport who seemed to be in a bigger hurry than we were. (3)
  • Assisted a mother traveling alone with 10 month old (with a ton of carry on baggage, not including the baby haha). (1)
  • Gave Coach Rachel my coveted butter coffee because she need a pick-me-up. (1)
  • Gave Coach Kate a bar when she had already eaten all of her prepared food for the day and her mini me was still hungry :). (1)
  • Bought a plant for our neighbor who was gardening. (1)
  • Gave my cousin, who is in between jobs, $25 and bought him breakfast. (1)

Total of 30 RAK’s!

If you completed your own 30 RAKS I would love to hear what they were! Comment below and let’s continue to spread the love!