MOVEr Spotlight – Kendall McMinn

MOVEr Spotlight   – Kendall McMinn – MOVEr since June 2016

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Kendall Beard McMinn and I have lived in Austin for about 14 years. I am a UT Graduate (Hook ‘em!). My husband, Justin, and I have a 9 month old named Maxwell who is the joy of our lives! I work as a singer/songwriter and performer around Texas. I have one solo album out and one album with my duo called “Love and Chaos.” I’m hoping to release another solo album as well as another album with my duo in 2017.

What inspired you to become a MOVEr?

Pregnancy did a number on my body! I enjoyed every minute of it, however, I was eager to feel back to my old self again. Although I was active during my entire pregnancy, I gained over 40lbs and I wanted something new and exciting to spark my motivation to get my pre-baby body back. Through friends, I heard about how amazing MOVE was and decided to give it a go. On the day I was cleared by my doctor (6 weeks) I walked into MOVE ready to get to work.

What are your fitness &/or wellness goals?

For the first few months my goal was just to get moving again! Just as much as I wanted to lose the baby weight, I wanted to get my sanity back. Being a new mom is hard and I was looking to mentally feel like myself again. Also, as a singer, everything comes from your core! After my baby, my core was so weak that it was hard to sing and perform. I wanted to get back in the studio and on stage and I knew that I had to be physically and mentally fit in order to do that.

How has MOVE helped you reach these goals?

MOVE has been my saving grace since Maxwell was born. There were times I came in exhausted from being up all night with the baby and feeling weak. But once I got there, the community and coaches were so inspiring and supportive. I always leave feeling energized and closer to my pre-baby self with each workout. At 6 months postpartum I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans and I could finally get through a song on stage without feeling winded.

How do you stay motivated to be consistent with your MOVE workouts?

I’m a better mom when I dedicate an hour to myself each day to work on my fitness and wellbeing. Even on the days that I’m tired and weak, I know that I will still leave MOVE feeling energized and uplifted. Also seeing my post pregnancy transformation over time motivates me to keep going!

What advice do you have for others to stay active and healthy, or who are not currently active?

Don’t be afraid to take the first step. It is always the hardest. It can be intimidating jumping into a group not knowing what to expect, but keep in mind that everyone in the class had to start somewhere.