Fun Facts Friday – Meet the Coaches

We’ll let you in on a fun little secret… Coaches are just like you! Ever wonder your MOVE Team is like outside the gym? Read up on our crew’s quirks and favorite things:


Age: 30

Hometown: Austin, TX, fourth generation

Pets: Waffles Alexander Freshour, 3 year old wired haired mutt

Favorite Food: recovering pizza addict, turned into burrito bowl or sushi lover

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: going to bed before 8pm 😬

Favorite Exercise: shuttle or hill sprints

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Spinning

Childhood Dream: hip-hop back up dancer or Broadway star! (I can neither sing nor dance)

You might not know: I won state multiple times in Kickball and played from age 5 to 18

Celebrity I’d Like to Meet: Tony Robbins

Best Fitness Advice: stay for the mobility, meditate, sleep 8 hours, eat your vegetables, go outside, walk, bliss out, enjoy quality time with friends/family & move/sweat every dang day


Age: 33

Hometown: Mansfield, TX

Pets: Family dog named Waffles

Favorite Food: Tough question. Hopdoddy burger and fries. Pint house pizza. Nada Moo ice-cream.

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: Laying on the couch and watching movies until I can no longer stay awake (hasn’t happened in a looonnnnggg time).

Favorite Exercise: Zercher Reverse Lunges or sprinting

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Juijitsu or Soccer or hiking

Childhood Dream: I don’t remember growing up and saying, ”I want to be ________.” I would say I am living my dream.

You might not know: I like Romantic Comedies (Yes, I cry as well).

Celebrity I’d Like to Meet: Stealing Katy’s because I do not think there is anyone as dynamic as him. Tony Robbins.

Best Fitness Advice: Find ways to manage your stress. Calm down people 😀



Age: 36 (I think I’ve attended a MOVE class for my last 4 birthdays?)

Hometown: Corsicana, TX, home of the fruitcake (yum!)

Pets: Mama’s babies, Mama’s promises – Juampy Giz and Caesar Bug, two senior pug mixes

Favorite Food: Toast with butter and jam

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: I talk to my houseplants and I love Butterfinger Blizzards with extra Butterfinger. If there isn’t extra candy in it, I won’t eat it.

Favorite Exercise: Elevated spilt squats and renegade rows (of course!!)

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Neighborhood dog walks w/ Mike D., and track workouts with Gilbert’s Gazelles

Childhood Dream: When I was young, I remember at one point I wanted to be an Olympic athlete or an artist, and at some point a nun like my mom.

You might not know: I piddle around on the guitar – I’m no good but my dogs with sit around me to listen to the concert.

Celebrity I’d Like to Meet: Jennifer LOPEZ!

Best Fitness Advice: Think big picture! Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. Above all, FIND JOY in the challenge – love yourself well and treat yourself like a friend!



Age: 42

Hometown: Haltom City, TX

Pets: Felix “Tito” Trinidad Powers-Magee, 14 year old Boston Terrier and his 5 year old bigger-little brother Rocky Lee Powers-Magee!!

Favorite Food: Beef Fajitas

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: 80’s Pop Music, knowing the words to the songs and singing them flawlessly!!

Favorite Exercise: Heavy Bag (it doesn’t hit back!!)

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Jiu Jitsu

Childhood Dream: To star in a Clint Eastwood western

You might not know: The first kinda acting (print) gig I ever booked, I was the face of Blockbuster Video’s “Walk in with your Card, Walk Out a Multi-Millionaire” campaign.. I was destined for stardom!!


Age: 33

Hometown: Neenah, WI (midwest is the best!)

Favorite Food: I have too many favorites! But Lick Ice cream is da bomb!

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: I love belting out in song in the car to chick power music pretending I’m in some music video or performing on stage. Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood, Celine Deon & more 🙂

Favorite Exercise: BURPEES!!!! All day baby!

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Surfing! I’m a total lake rat.

You might not know: I play guitar and sing. I’ve played for a number of relative’s weddings and for church.

Celebrity I’d Like to Meet: Carrie Underwood, she works out with her little one 🙂

Best Fitness Advice: Do something every day to MOVE and eat your vegetables!




Hometown: Born and raised in Houston

Favorite Food: Throw a slab of ribs, and they will disappear

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: Eating a whole pickle, when I know they’re bad for me. My favorite movie scene is the Cell Block Tango from ‘Chicago’

Favorite Exercise: Pullups 💪

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Either flag football, softball with my brother, or basketball

Might not know: I like to go dancing at Glorias

Celebrity I’d like to meet: Eric Thomas

Best Fitness Advice: “Simply go get a 30 minunte sweat vs sitting on the couch for 30 minutes. Just do something”






Age: 25 

Hometown: Madison, WI ( GO BADGERS!)

Pets: Charles Barkley, 4 year old Weiner Mix

Favorite Food: I have the ultimate sweet tooth. I’d have to say Old Fashioned donut from Greenbush Bakery in Wisconsin

Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure: 90’s Punk Music

Favorite Exercise: Thruster

Favorite Activity Outside MOVE: Ballet and Running

Childhood Dream: I asked my mom what I said I wanted to be when I grew up… At age three I wanted to be a Doctor Ballerina who sold hot dogs…. so theres that.

You might not know: My Cousin was Miss Missouri 2013 and I got to go to the Miss America Pageant

Celebrity I’d Like to Meet: Alicia Keys

Best Fitness Advice: SLEEP