Functional Patterns and what to expect at MOVE

My goal as a fitness and wellness coach has always been to improve people’s quality of life – this is what pushes me to evolve. Many of you have been in class with a number of issues that require workout modification due to pain or complications with shoulders, hips, back, knees, or feet. As a fitness and movement specialist – and as a human, I want to fix/help you be more comfortable and efficient when performing movement, and yes, get a good sweat, too. Especially when the goal of working out is to be strong outside of MOVE for yourself and your family — not to hurt yourself.

When we first opened MOVE, it was the best version of fitness we could present. As I’ve continued to learn and grow, my approach has changed, and a lot of you have supported me through those changes. For that I am forever grateful, and I ask for your trust in this next chapter of my life and your fitness journey.

Functional Patterns has been the culmination of me constantly searching for something I am passionate about. Something I can make a living doing and practice regularly. Something that challenges me everyday. Something I feel good about jumping into a workout WITH you all because I miss sweating with everyone! Functional Patterns has changed my life.

A lot of you may think that I don’t have issues, pain or discomfort just because of my profession. And you would be mistaken. It all started when I was 13 and, diagnosed with disc compression from T12-L3. I “had a normal back for a 60 year old,” and the doctor told me to “keep my back strong” – haha!! I also remember playing three sports and at one time wearing ankle braces on both ankles, knee braces on both knees because my knees hurt, and a back brace because of my compression. My coach called me Robocop for how I was “pieced” together. I was 17 and it forever changed my outlook on fitness and how we should feel and function. For as active as I was, part of my injuries was due to a lack of nutrition. I was raised on fast food. Fast forward 15 years, I was consistently popping out a couple of my ribs when lifting. When I squatted I had a hip shift, no matter how many correctives I did. I had consistent neck discomfort, and hip pain from the hip shifting with a heavy load on my back. As a “movement professional,” it drove me crazy that I couldn’t help myself and figure out what was wrong. Let alone have half of a MOVE class where the workout needed to be modified. This forced me to keep learning. Keep searching, and then I found Functional Patterns. After a year, I haven’t seen my physical therapist or chiropractor; as great as they are, we all know how expensive they can be. My hip and shoulder discrepancies are gone. I am more athletic on the soccer field and jiujitsu mat. I have maintained and leveled out my muscle mass and body composition. For me, I’ve struck gold! This IS it!

My definition of fitness has always been to improve the activities I enjoy most; playing with my son, Conger, soccer, juijitsu, hiking, and anything else I decide to do. I want to be capable for decades to come and not “chalk it up to getting older” and thinking pain is just a part of life. I refuse to believe that! For me, this is Functional Patterns, and I cannot wait to present this amazing methodology that has changed my life!

You may have seen some new equipment and a few new people in the back space these past few months. They are Functional Patterns practitioners, and their names are Benjamin, Brandon and Able. Functional Patterns is the training modality I have been studying, learning, and training 2x/week with Benjamin for the past year. It is also the certification I went to Seattle for in February, and I plan on getting the next level in October. You all have already been exposed to some of the new techniques that I’ve been working into trainings and classes. Functional Patterns helps improve posture, helps eliminate joint pain, and optimizes human movement in every plane of motion (gait cycle-the way you walk and run, throwing, striking and kicking), which are the mechanics that are evident in our evolutionary blueprint.

How will this affect the class schedule? It will not (based on attendance). We will still sweat together, just using a different modality. And no, what you see in the back with band strapped every which way, is not what is done in our group classes. 🙂 We just ask you to keep an open mind to the new experience and place a little trust in the new program and in me because ultimately it is all of you I have in mind. And together we’ll MOVE forward finding new strength within ourselves!

The Details:

  • Functional Patterns aims to address dysfunctions and movement compensations at the root cause by approaching the body in an integrated and global approach (i.e. your shoulder pain may be related to the limitation of your breathing and lack of stability on the opposite hip). We are able to enhance new “athletic performance” with this method.
  • We are hosting a free class at 10:30am to 12:30pm, on June 23. Join me and get to know the Functional Patterns crew and meet Benjamin, Brandon and Able.
  • There is currently a 7pm Functional Patterns group class Monday-Thursday – you can expect more Functional Patterns classes to be offered
  • You can expect more reorganization of equipment at MOVE
  • If you have any questions about what Functional Patterns is or how it affects you going forward, please feel free to schedule a chat with me.
    • Setup an assessment with any of the Functional Patterns Practitioners
      • in the 90 min assessment you can expect the following:
      • 3 points of view of posture and gait cycle analysis
        help you understand the principles of efficient movement
      • before and after photos and videos to visualize results