How I have failed you!

First, I would like to apologize for my lack of communication about what is going on at MOVE and the future of MOVE. I got all wrapped up in the logistics and timing that I forgot to include you all in this exciting new change (the unknowns and the things that I can’t control freak me out a bit haha). My intent is not to keep this a secret because I cannot do this alone. I want all of you to understand why. Why I am changing. Why I think Functional Patterns is the bee’s knees. Why I would love for all of you to make the change with me. If you so choose, we will still be the same community of people trying to live a healthy lifestyle and nothing would make me happier than to do it with all of you!! We all just need to be open minded and willing to try something new, uncomfortable (at times, awkward), and amazing!
You have all followed and trusted me the last 7 years and it has been an amazing ride. So lets go down this rabbit hole of Functional Patterns
Why I would love for all of you to make the change with me
Because you are my people!! I have been to birthdays, weddings, parties, galas, tail gates, happy hours, coffee, breakfasts, lunch and dinners, coached you pregnant (some twice), and some of you have been through some really trying times and I have too, and this community has been my constant! You all are amazing and I want to help in the best way possible because I have yall’s health and life top of mind! You all are whom I am thinking about transitioning into this next chapter that I am extremely excited about and I want you to try it!  We already have classes you can try. As of right now, it is a separate membership and we already have a handful of MOVE members who have switched over 100%. We have T/Th 9:30am classes and M/W 7pm and then we have T/Th Flex and Flow classes at 7pm, which are like our Functional Patterns version of yoga and is a great class. Your first class is FREE and then if you want to drop in after that it is $20 drop in. We will be hosting another FP week in November for everyone to try. The 9:30am classes are now on the schedule to make it a bit easier for everyone. If you don’t think you will sweat or get a good workout, before you judge it, try the group class. If you cant make one of those times, I am here to help inform and work with you. You can setup a free assessment! I want to help you understand and usher you into feeling better and healthier. It’s only a different approach!
Why am I changing and think Functional Patterns is the bee’s knees
Because I have never been so positively impacted by a fitness regimen until Functional Patterns. When I think about my time in the fitness industry, I was always searching for the best way to help as many people as I could. Something that could have a profound impact and I could be proud of bringing to the masses. SOMETHING I ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE IN and can sweat in the classes, as a community, with you all. I haven’t done a traditional workout in almost 2 years because there was this looming feeling that there is a better way and I didn’t like the discomfort it brought me.  I never understood why the goal is to squat/lunge/burpee until you cant walk for a week.   If you think about it, when I started almost  a year and a half ago and Benjamin told me to not do anything outside of our two 90 minute sessions per week and walking (NO SOCCER OR JIUJITSU??), I HAD THE MOST TO LOSE-the most to lose as a fitness professional and the most to lose as a business, however, that’s how much I believe in it! But I had to know how they got their results and improved running mechanics!  When you learn something and you want to objectively figure out if it actually works, you commit and put in the time. That is what I did and the results have blown me away. For me, I have never been so sure about such a huge change. I believe strongly in what FP can do and what kind of community we can build with it! That belief is what makes this so easy for me and why I want you all to try it so badly!
To me, functional patterns is what has been missing in the athletic, fitness, and rehab/physical therapy realm. My question to you is what do you have to lose trying Functional Patterns? Why are you so against something different that may be better for you??
Functional Patterns is a global approach to the human body and how it operates. This fascinates me to no end and I want to to continue to learn more and help more people! The results and testimonials  from my own clients and what I have personally experienced  also lets me know I am on the right track and making the right decision. On top of all that I feel better and more capable than I have in years! Now are you ready to do something that NO ONE else is doing in Austin??
-With all I have,