The details transitioning to Functional Patterns Texas!

Now that I have all my emotions out of the way, I am sure you all want more details and some information about the timeline.  I have been hesitant to communicate because there are still a lot of details to be settled in the background.  However, you all deserve to have some information in the meantime.  If you follow me on social media, I hope you saw my post about the launch of Functional Patterns Texas–it is a huge deal because we have been designated as a Functional Patterns headquarters! I was blown away when the founders of Functional Patterns announced that we would be serving as a headquarters, and I couldn’t be more honored or humbled. It means big things, many of which I can’t disclose yet. So stay tuned!


What to expect:

  • In January 2019 Functional Patterns Texas will replace MOVE Austin Fitness.
  • Scheduled classes will not change and some may even be added to the schedule.
  • Benjamin, Brandon, Able, and Jarrod will be your Functional Patterns practitioners (trainers).
  • No one will be held to their MOVE agreements starting January 2019.  However, it would be our joy to continue coaching you and hope you decide to join Functional Patterns Texas!
  • Membership rates will increase because weekly 1:1 sessions will be included to ensure your progress.


What is Functional Patterns all about?


The goal of Functional Patterns is to reduce physical dysfunction and thereby reduce pain points.  In order to achieve that goal, an improvement in gait cycle and posture is sought through the strengthening and conditioning of the underlying muscular structures (or “functional lines”).  Two main modes are employed to do so: myofascial release (MFR) and corrective exercises.  Corrective exercises begin at a basic level—holding stationary poses—progress to dynamic exercises, and conclude with the complex movements you can view on our Instagram accounts.  MFR is used as an alternative to stretching so as to maintain the structural strength of the muscle systems.


Three YouTube videos that further explain the concepts of Functional Patterns can be found here, here, and here.  Additionally, here are a few videos discussing some background concepts in detail: fascia, biomechanics, spatial aging, and massage.  Functional training (made up in part of corrective exercises) is described in this video, and an MFR playlist can be found here.  An integral part of the entire Functional Patterns foundation is breathing—your breath is what allows your muscles to continue working hard to grow and strengthen.  A few videos on breathing can be found here, here, and here.  Finally, a few actual exercises can be viewed here, here, here, and here.